Rebus Puzzle Annual Exhibit
Antique, vintage and modern
Funny, "punny," and serious messages and stories

A private collection of funny, “punny,” and serious rebuses
 from the 1800’s to modern day is on exhibit
 at the Logic Puzzle Museum, Burlington, Wisconsin.

2018 February Exhibit
  entrance is only at the beginning time as there is an introduction  
2018 times TBA
for a 90 minute visit 
  Call ahead for tickets  262 763-3946
(Groups of 20 or more may visit the exhibit by advance appointment.)
Admission at certain times includes time 
to try up to 60 different mechanical puzzles in the hands-on section!



Rebus puzzles: phrases and stories written with letters,
words and pictures combined
 Take a free look a the 
giant rebus in the front window having to do with Burlington, WI and winter for all to read.


 Just what is a rebus anyhow?  It is a puzzling note or short message that uses pictures with numbers, letters and
 as few words as possible. Humor and puns are common elements in a rebus, but some have serious messages.
  To read it, one must first “solve the puzzle!”  
 A well-known, simple example is this one that says message “I Love You!”


Come 2 C
~ a 1914 postcard  picturing 11 different vegetables in the message
~a fancy antique postcard with just 4 words and two images for the message
~girl’s and boy’s names from 1916 in rebus form .

~ a soap company ad from 1891 offered $1,000 in prizes for solving its rebus puzzle

Antique rebus holiday cards, vintage Valentine rebus cards, Victorian dating cards, 
post cards from 1905,  famous Rebus Puzzles and contemporary rebus puzzles
 are displayed and are begging to be solved.


 The non-profit, educational museum's gift shop is open during and after these times as well. 
Always call ahead to order tickets, 262 763-3946.

+ At certain times, for children ages 5-18 & Adults! 
there is a hands-on opportunity to try
  60 mechanical and logic puzzles as well, included in the admission.


the non-profit, educational
.....Logic Puzzle Museum.....
533 Milwaukee Avenue 
historic downtown Burlington, Wisconsin  53105  USA      
262 763-3946

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