Mystery Objects Challenges! A hands-on puzzling event!
                      What is this thing anyhow?? What does it do? 

                         A different kind of fun "puzzle" for thinking fun..... 

              ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
         300 MYSTERY OBJECTS!
         HANDS-ON Fun!
                   +Each day also has the "object in a Box" challenge to try!  

What are these Mystery Objects anyhow? ! ?
 - a funny & puzzling, hands-on event for your family, group, friends:
 for adults, college age, teens, middle & grade school: ages 5-105, but not younger 
 next one TBA 

   Admission.  Free parking!       

                       Best to call ahead to reserve tickets as space is limited 
                             and times may be sold out: 262 763-3946. 

                              All info and times subject to change

More fun: the crazy & fun gift & book & toy &collectibles shop is open after your visit! 
(credit or cash accepted in gift shop)



great fun for a Group from your church, tour group, organization, 
as well as school groups, Please call ahead to arrange a time for your group. 
Large groups may schedule during posted hours and other times in between.


What are these things?
And What do they do?

the event is filled with

An odd and funny hands-on annual "museum" puzzling event &
with hundreds of curiosities and whatchamacallits for you to browse through and touch,
trying to figure out what they are.   Clues are posted for some of the gizzmos, gadgets,
devices, and strange antiques, the clues may help or may not.   Antiques, toys, tools,
thingamajigs, parts & pieces, and even some things we don't know!    
Be a history detective, a weekend anthropologist,
a budding mechanic, a puzzle solver
 an armchair engineer,
or just plain curious! This is hands-on fun mixed with thinking 
and a great inter-generational outing. Try curious "toys," wonder about tools from
100 years ago, puzzle over antiques.   
The Burlington Historical Society's Museum
 and private collectors has helped in past years with special objects
If you have something to donate to the event, give us a call.
Can you figure out what is in the boxes without looking? Anyone can try this
puzzling challenge with friends and visitors, except Superman!

Lightning Round! 
Watch or take part in the informal Mystery Objects Lightning Round!  A classic game show
format for quick thinking
 A variety of antiques, parts, tools, pieces, gizzmos
and gadgets will be revealed, one at a time, and contestants ring the bell if they have a theory!
Prizes for the winner! Be a Mystery Objects Champ!

This unique event has been recommended  
by the AAA, Chicago Tribune, Midwest Events travel column;  Racine Journal Times, Nick, Jr. Magazine,
the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee TV WTMJ4,  and covered live by FOX TV Channel 6.   Come to see what the fun is about.  

  FAQ Mystery Objects event

-HARK: this event is NOT appropriate for babies and toddlers, the min. age 5 to enter.
-Groups may schedule hours of their choice by calling now 

-(and a separate event  Meet & Greet Patent Holderseparate admission)

 Admission is at specific times to the building with a brief introduction,
 then you may stay as long as you wish the rest of that day's hours

The DETAILS: Individuals, Families (and large groups by appointment) may visit during hours TBA

~ Admission:  all ages, everyone attending.  Event is for ages 5-105+
~ Admissions are paid in cash.  Event is not appropriate for babies & toddlers, all ages are charged admission..

~ Evenings and other days are also available for groups of 10+, as well as any day daytime hours.

~ Groups of 5 or more: suggest you call ahead to reserve a time, as space is limited

~ If you are coming a long distance, give us a quick call to confirm the hours of the day for you.
~hark: the hands-on brainteaser & logic puzzles section of the museum is not open during Mystery Objects...
   so that we can feature the awesome Mystery Objects event that will keep you puzzling & thinking

~ the museum gift shop is open after your visit 

                                                 Information and hours subject to change

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FUN Patented Objects!
Extra,  SPECIAL event  TBA . For groups of 4 or more, call ahead for tickets.
Win a patented toy!

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MYSTERY OBJECTS~ What are these things anyhow?
 Three generations wonder
about this novelty science object and the antique tool in
front of them. Hundreds of  MYSTERY OBJECTS are 
waiting for you.   Bring friends, families, church groups,
your club, or your scout troops. It's a unique outing with
playful thinking combined with science, history,
engineering, toys, cultures, and hands-on fun.   


Grant to help event
A grant was received to help with aspects 
of the Mystery Objects Event in 2011. 
Elaine Sherry and Elsie Goulding are presenting 
the grant check from Alpha Delta Kappa to 
Judith Schulz, director of the Logic Puzzle Museum.
~ In 2011, over 500 free admissions were offered to 
Burlington, Wisconsin's 4th, 5th, 6th grade classes; 
public and private schools to attend the unique, 
awesome hands-on MYSTERY OBJECTS  event at the Logic Puzzle Museum. 
(Thanks to a grant from Alpha Delta Kappa and the Logic Puzzle Museum) 

~Donations and/or Sponsors for a group you wish to support are always welcome.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

And what is this object anyhow?
This is one of the hundreds of UNUSUAL items 
you can pick up and handle & try to 
figure out what it is, at MYSTERY OBJECTS!

The public is always invited.  

Special opportunity

Patented Toys, Tools & Gizzzmos from 3 centuries!
+Meet & Greet: Patent Holder & see many actual patent items
fun and a Toy door prize!  
(event for age 7-107, though not younger. Admission for All ages attending)

Mystery Objects Event:
Bus tours:
call for details for unloading location.  
Tour Companies:
this makes a great mystery tour or fun stop on any outing.
  Adults, seniors, and families all enjoy this hands-on event, sponsored by the Logic Puzzle Museum.

And even Evening Hours   available for groups of 20 or more,   prepaid.

Corporations and organizatons 
Good deed option:
why not buy a quantity of tickets to give away 
or provide to a group as a thank-you or to a family in need...
 You do two good deeds at once: helping them to attend a unique and educational 
event plus providing support at the same time for the non-profit museum to put this on.
..a fun way to help....

       ......the fun, funny and memorable
         Tongue Twister Contest
Admission    Next one TBA.
Prizes for everyone in the audience
and more prizes for winning contestants!
Laughter promised!

all information subject to change

Thanks to so many people for helping to put on the event!
Many thanks to the 2013 Volunteers: Alice Campbell, Peg Schulz, Doug Harris, Judith Schulz and others. 
Many thanks to the volunteers of 2012 including Alice Campbell, Doug Harris and Judith Schulz. and others.
Many thanks to the  volunteers who made the 2010 event possible:   Maggie Christensen,  Jo Ann Toelle, Judith Schulz,  Penny Hallet, Doug Harris, Katrin Schulz-Berg, Randy Reitz, Linda Reed, Alice Campbell, and many others   (If we forgot to list your  name, please let us know...) Thanks to websites and media that listed the event and to the front page article in the Racine Journal Times written by David Steinkraus and photographer Gregory Shaver.

Many thanks to the   volunteers who made the 2005   event possible:  
Maggie Christensen, Matt Becker, Jo Ann Toelle, Chuck Toelle,  Judith Schulz, Penny Hallet, Doug Harris, Don VandeSand of the Burlington Historical Museum, George & Helen Karcher, Charissa Considine, and many others  
Many thanks to the   volunteers who made the 2006 event possible:   Maggie & Ken Christensen,  Jo Ann Toelle, Judith Schulz, Penny Hallet, Doug Harris,   George & Helen Karcher,   students from PAC of Burlington & many others  
Many thanks to the   volunteers who made the 2007 event possible:   Maggie & Ken Christensen,  Jo Ann Toelle,  Judith Schulz, Penny Hallet, Doug Harris,   George & Helen Karcher,   and many others  
Many thanks to the  volunteers who made the 2008 event possible:   Maggie Christensen,  Jo Ann Toelle, Judith Schulz,  Penny Hallet, Doug Harris,  George & Helen Karcher,   Lynn Baumgartner, Jennifer Brown, Joey Greenamyer, Katrin Schulz-Berg and many others   (If we forgot to list your   name, please let us know...)
Many thanks to the  volunteers who made the 2009 event possible:   Maggie Christensen,  Kelly Lawson, Jo Ann Toelle, Judith Schulz,  Penny Hallet, Doug Harris, Jennifer Brown, Joey Greenamyer, and many others   (If we forgot to list your  name, please let us know...)

If you would like to help sponsor this event or help at this event, give us a call (262) 763-3946
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