Special Event

See Patented Items from 3 Centuries (try a few, too!)
See rare 1859 & 1907 English Patent Books ~
Meet & Greet USA Patent Holder

~ a Patented Toy will be awarded as a door prize, too!
..+try some of the 300 hands-on Mystery Objects also on display... hands-on "what are these things anyhow??!!

Saturday evenings Nov. 10 or 17, 2018,  6 pm sharp
only for groups of 4 or more : Call to order tickets. 262 763-3946
(other hours can be scheduled for groups of 20+) 
>>> For Adults, couples, families, kids (ages 7-107, though not younger
>>> $9 cash/person. Free parking.
>>>> gift shop after: credit cards or cash accepted
A special fundraising event given by the Logic Puzzle Museum
533 Milwaukee Av, Burlington, Wisconsin

Meet & Greet session with USA Patent Holder 
Showcases a USA Patent and inventor, other inventions to examine, too.   
 Patented Toys, too!  
demonstrated, and visitors may try one of them! One toy will become the Door Prize!

The session includes seeing the actual USA Patent, 
the item itself invented by a Wisconsin resident. The invention has 8 drawing
figures and 18 claims, a significant  number of claims for a patent. The inventor will
briefly explain the invention, how the idea came about, the process experienced,
cost, and other aspects with this patent application. 

The inventor has invented other items,
though not patented; and also conducts inventing labs at schools as a  hands-on workshop.  Interested schools in the
geographic area should contact the Logic Puzzle Museum: 262 763-3946.


 Visitors should note that this session is not a time to discuss an individualís 
ideas that might be patented, 
but rather a time to see inventions already patented.  Those who 
want to 
patent something will find excellent details online about applying for a patent at at the 
USA Patent Office website.


Very rare 1859 & 1907 English Patent books with description & drawings
 will be on exhibit
. Interesting patent descriptions and drawings including Improvement for a Shipís Balance, 
a Hat Ventilator, an Insect Catcher, a Rainproof Cover for Motor Cars, a Contrivance for laying a 
Coffin into a Grave, and other patents with features of machines.


patent_offfice_sealThere are 10+ different
patented items to examine
at the event from a wide
range of history.

The museum's gift shop has many unusual curiosities, science gizzzmos, and patented items 
for sale evening. Purchases help to support the non-profit educational museum.

Please note: the hands-on brainteaser & logic puzzles section
is not open during this featured event.  Come another time for that fun!

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Mystery Objects: hundreds of hands-on items! 
What are these things anyhow? an annual event

Presented by the Logic Puzzle Museum in Burlington, Wisconsin.
It's less than 2 hours from downtown Chicago, only about 12 minutes from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin;
and 45 minutes from downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Your map has a road to this event, too.


the non-profit, educational
.....Logic Puzzle Museum.....
533 Milwaukee Avenue 
historic downtown Burlington, Wisconsin  53105  USA      
262 763-3946

Logic Puzzle Museum established by Teacher Place, Inc. 

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